Atheism is a cruel long term business, and I have gone through it to the end.

What did Jean-Paul Sartre mean by:

Atheism is a cruel long term business, and I have gone through it to the end.


This quote is a reflection of Jean-Paul Sartre’s personal⁢ journey ‍through atheism, which he describes as a⁢ "cruel‍ long term business." The word ​ "business" here is used metaphorically to represent the process or journey of atheism. The term "cruel" suggests that it’s a difficult ⁤and challenging path, possibly filled with doubt, existential crisis, and societal judgment. The "long term" aspect indicates that this isn’t a quick or easy decision, but a continuous process that requires deep introspection and a ⁤sustained commitment ⁢to one’s ‌beliefs.

Sartre’s statement that he has "gone through it to the end" implies that he has fully explored and embraced atheism, despite its challenges. It suggests a journey of self-discovery and intellectual rigor,​ where he has questioned and rejected the existence of God or any divine entity. This journey has likely involved wrestling with moral, philosophical, and existential questions, as well as‍ navigating societal expectations and norms.

In ⁤today’s world, this quote can be applied to any process of personal development that involves questioning and challenging established beliefs or norms. It highlights the​ importance of intellectual honesty, courage, and perseverance in the face‍ of adversity. It also underscores ​the value of personal‌ autonomy‍ and individuality, as it encourages ⁢people to form their own beliefs and​ values based on their personal experiences and reflections, rather than simply accepting what⁣ they have been told or taught.

In terms ⁤of⁣ personal development, this quote ‌could serve as⁤ a reminder that ⁣growth and self-discovery often involve discomfort and challenge. It ⁢suggests that to truly understand ourselves and the⁢ world around us,‌ we must be willing to question, explore, and sometimes ​reject established beliefs or norms. This process may be difficult and "cruel," but it‌ is also necessary for personal growth and authenticity.

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