We need to start thinking collectively as a people about what we should be looking at.

What did Wayne Dyer mean by:

We need to start thinking collectively as a people about what we should be looking at.


This quote emphasizes the importance of collective thinking and decision-making in society. It suggests that instead of operating as separate entities with individual goals and perspectives, we should strive to think as a unified group, considering what is best for the collective rather than just the individual. The quote advocates for a shift from a self-centered perspective to a more community-oriented one.

The idea of ‘what we should be looking at’ refers to the priorities and values that should guide our actions and decisions. It’s a call for us to reconsider and redefine what we deem important as a community and as a society.

In today’s world, this idea is particularly relevant, especially in the context of issues that affect us globally such as climate change, poverty, and social injustice. These challenges cannot be addressed effectively through individual efforts alone. They require collective action, shared responsibility, and a common vision for the future.

In the realm of personal development, this quote suggests that individual growth should not be isolated from the broader community. Our personal goals and ambitions should align with the betterment of the society we live in. This could mean using our skills and talents not just for personal advancement, but also to contribute to the welfare of others.

The quote encourages us to think beyond our personal needs and desires, and to consider how our actions affect the world around us. This shift in perspective can lead to more compassionate, responsible, and ethical decisions, both on a personal and a societal level.

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