Consider those whom you call your enemies and figure out what they should call you.

What did Wayne Dyer mean by:

Consider those whom you call your enemies and figure out what they should call you.


This quote invites us to consider the perspective of those we perceive as our enemies and to introspect about what they might think of us. It challenges us to step out of our own viewpoints and biases, and to think about how our actions and attitudes might be perceived by others, especially those we are in conflict with. This can be a powerful tool for understanding, empathy, and ultimately, resolving conflicts.

The quote suggests that if we label someone as our enemy, it is likely that we have done something that causes them to think the same of us. It encourages self-reflection, urging us to consider whether we have been fair in our judgments or if we have contributed to the animosity in some way.

In today’s world, this idea is particularly relevant. We live in a time of polarizing opinions, where people are quick to label others as enemies based on differing views. This quote prompts us to question these labels and to consider our role in creating divisions. It encourages dialogue, understanding, and empathy, rather than hostility and division.

In terms of personal development, this quote can be a guide to becoming more self-aware and empathetic. By considering how our ‘enemies’ perceive us, we can gain insights into our own behaviors and attitudes, and how they affect others. This can lead to personal growth, improved relationships, and better conflict resolution skills. It can also help us to let go of grudges and hostility, and to approach disagreements with more understanding and compassion.

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