Passion is worth suffering for. It’s better to be in love than to be in control.

What did Walter Isaacson mean by:

Passion is worth suffering for. It’s better to be in love than to be in control.


This quote, “Passion is‌ worth suffering for.‌ It’s better to be in love ⁢than to be in control,” speaks to ‌the value of ‍embracing strong⁢ emotions ⁢and ‍desires, even when they ⁣may lead ​to discomfort ⁢or pain. ‌It emphasizes ‌the fulfillment and joy that can‍ come from following one’s‍ passions, even if it⁣ means relinquishing control or predictability in one’s‍ life.

In the first part,⁤ “Passion is worth suffering for,”⁢ the idea is that the pursuit of a⁤ passion, though it may be fraught with challenges, setbacks, and even pain, is⁤ more rewarding than avoiding these hardships by ⁤not pursuing the‍ passion. The suffering is seen as a necessary part of the⁤ journey, a price worth paying ⁤for the ​ultimate reward of living a life driven by passion.

The second part of the quote,‌ “It’s better‌ to be in love than ​to be in control,” expands on this idea⁣ by suggesting that being deeply emotionally invested in ⁢something (or someone) is more ​fulfilling ‌than maintaining emotional distance and control. The quote suggests that the‌ experience ‌of love, with ‍all its ups and downs, is more meaningful ⁢and rewarding than a life lived in emotional safety⁤ but devoid of deep passion.

In today’s world, this quote could be​ applied in ⁣various ways. In the context of career, it encourages people to pursue their passion, even if it means facing uncertainty, rather than sticking to a secure but unfulfilling job. In ‍relationships, it suggests that ​it’s better to risk heartbreak for the chance of love than to avoid relationships entirely for fear of getting hurt.

In personal development,‍ this quote can serve as‌ a reminder ⁣to embrace challenges ⁣and discomfort as part of one’s growth journey.‍ It encourages individuals to step out of ⁤their comfort zones, take risks, and ⁢pursue what they truly love, rather⁢ than settling for a life that’s comfortable but lacks passion. This pursuit of passion, ⁢according to the quote, is⁢ what makes life truly​ worthwhile.

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