You can do what you decide to do — but you cannot decide what you will decide to do.

What did Sam Harris mean by:

You can do what you decide to do — but you cannot decide what you will decide to do.


This quote,‍ “You can do what you decide to do — but you cannot decide⁤ what you will decide to do,” delves into the ⁢concept of free will ‍and the decision-making process. The first part of the⁣ quote, “You‍ can do what you‍ decide to do,” affirms that we have ‍the power‍ to act on‍ our decisions. Once we make a‍ choice,‍ we​ can carry it out.

However, the second‌ part of the quote, “but you cannot decide what you will decide to do,” introduces an intriguing paradox. It ‍suggests ⁢that while we can act on our ‍decisions, ‍the decisions themselves ⁣are not entirely⁢ within our control. This could be because our decisions⁣ are influenced ⁤by a complex interplay of factors ⁤such as our ⁣past experiences, our subconscious mind, our environment, and even our genetic​ makeup. Hence, we​ cannot fully control or ⁤predict ‌what we will⁢ decide to do in the future.

Applying this⁢ concept to today’s world or personal development, we might consider the⁢ role of external influences and⁣ subconscious biases in our ⁢decision-making process.⁤ For ⁢instance, in​ the era of social media and information overload, our decisions might be⁤ swayed‌ by the opinions ‌and⁤ actions of others, even without us realizing it. Similarly, in​ personal development, recognizing that our decisions might be influenced by‌ subconscious biases can⁤ help us strive for more ⁢conscious, deliberate decision-making.

Furthermore, ⁤this quote might also encourage us to be more​ forgiving ⁣of ourselves and⁢ others when decisions lead to undesirable outcomes. Since we don’t have full control over our decisions, it’s important to learn from our‌ mistakes, but not to berate ourselves over them. Instead,⁤ we can focus on improving our decision-making process by gaining self-awareness,⁢ seeking diverse perspectives, and questioning our ‍assumptions.

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