Wherever water flows, life flourishes: wherever tears fall, Divine mercy is shown.

What did Rumi mean by:

Wherever water flows, life flourishes: wherever tears fall, Divine mercy is shown.


This quote is a profound reflection on the dual nature of life and the divine grace that underlies all experiences. The first part of the quote, "Wherever water flows, life flourishes" is a metaphorical expression of the undeniable fact that water is a source of life. It symbolizes nourishment, growth, and abundance. This can be interpreted as a reminder that in order for life to thrive, there must be a constant flow of energy, resources, and love.

The second part of the quote, "wherever tears fall, Divine mercy is shown", is a poignant reminder that suffering and pain are not devoid of purpose or grace. Tears, often associated with sorrow, loss, or pain, are seen here as a manifestation of divine mercy. This suggests that during our most challenging times, when we are most vulnerable, we are not alone. Divine mercy, or compassion, is always present, even in our suffering. It is in these moments of pain and struggle that we often experience profound growth and transformation.

Applying this to today’s world, we can see that life is a balance of joy and suffering, growth and decay, abundance and lack. The challenges we face, whether personal, societal, or global, are not simply obstacles to be overcome, but opportunities for growth and transformation. They are reminders of our shared humanity and our need for compassion and mercy, both from the divine and from each other.

In terms of personal development, this quote encourages us to embrace all aspects of life, both the joys and the trials. It reminds us that growth often comes from discomfort, and that our struggles are opportunities for personal transformation. It also emphasizes the importance of compassion and mercy towards ourselves and others, particularly during difficult times.

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