Once you have met a true human being, Let him not disappear from the horizon of your HEART.

What did Rumi mean by:

Once you have met a true human being, Let him not disappear from the horizon of your HEART.


This quote by Rumi speaks to the profound ⁣impact that genuine human⁢ connection can have on us. A⁢ "true human being" refers to someone who is authentic, sincere,​ and profoundly impacts us with​ their humanity. ​When‍ we⁢ meet ‌such ⁢individuals, Rumi ⁢advises us to keep them in the "horizon of our heart," ⁤ meaning to ​keep them in our thoughts, feelings,⁢ and memories. The horizon is a metaphor⁢ for⁣ the limit of our emotional and mental landscape, and by ‍placing someone there, we keep them close, even if they are‌ physically ​far away.

The quote also implies ​that such true human encounters are rare ‌and ⁤precious, therefore, they should be cherished. It suggests⁤ that we should not let the memory ‌or ⁢influence of these ‍individuals⁤ fade away, but instead, ‍we should hold onto them, learn from ‌them, and let them continue to influence us.

In today’s world, this quote can be applied in many ways. In an‍ era​ where superficial‍ social media connections often replace deep, meaningful relationships, this quote is a reminder⁣ to value and maintain ⁤genuine connections. It ⁣encourages us⁢ to be mindful of the people who touch our lives deeply, and to keep ⁣them close ‌in⁤ our hearts,​ even⁤ if they are not physically⁤ present.

In terms of personal development, this quote encourages us to seek⁣ out and cherish authentic⁢ relationships. These relationships can help us ‌grow ​and develop as individuals, ‍as they often challenge us, support us, and⁤ provide us with new perspectives. ‌Additionally, by keeping these individuals ‍in our hearts, we can draw on their ​influence and​ wisdom in ‍times of need.

In essence, this quote is​ a call to recognize, value,⁢ and remember the profound impact that true human connections can ‌have ⁢on our lives. It is a⁢ reminder of the depth ⁢and⁣ richness that⁣ such relationships can ⁢add to our existence.

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