Everyone sleeps, except lovers, who stay awake, telling stories to God

What did Rumi mean by:

Everyone sleeps, except lovers, who stay awake, telling stories to God


This quote by Rumi is a profound exploration of the nature of love and its transformative power. It suggests that those in love exist in a state of heightened consciousness, an almost divine communion, that sets them apart from the rest. The sleep referred to here can be seen as a metaphor for unawareness or indifference, while staying awake signifies a state of heightened awareness or consciousness.

Lovers, according to Rumi, are so consumed by their passion and love that they transcend ordinary states of consciousness. They stay awake, metaphorically speaking, because their love is so intense and all-consuming that it keeps them in a state of constant alertness and engagement. They are, in a sense, in a continuous dialogue with the divine, represented here as God. This dialogue is their love story, their shared experiences, emotions, and thoughts that they convey to the divine.

Applying this to the modern world or personal development, you could interpret this as a call to live with passion and purpose. In a world often driven by apathy and detachment, choosing to ‘stay awake,’ to be fully present and engaged in our lives, is a revolutionary act. This could mean pursuing a career that ignites your passion, engaging in meaningful relationships, or dedicating yourself to a cause that you believe in.

Moreover, the act of ‘telling stories to God’ could be seen as a metaphor for prayer, meditation, or any form of contemplative practice. It suggests a need for introspection, for self-awareness, and for a connection with something greater than ourselves. This could be applied in personal development through practices that cultivate mindfulness and spiritual growth.

In essence, Rumi’s quote invites us to embrace love in its many forms, to live passionately and consciously, and to seek a deeper connection with the divine.

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