Death has nothing to do with going away.The sun sets The moon sets But they are not gone.

What did Rumi mean by:

Death has nothing to do with going away.The sun sets The moon sets But they are not gone.


This quote is a profound reflection on the nature of life, death, and the enduring spirit. It uses the analogy of the sun and moon, which set each day but are not truly gone. They return the next day, just as they always have, in a cycle of constant renewal. The implication is that death, like the setting of the sun or moon, is not an ending, but a part of a larger, ongoing cycle.

The quote suggests that death is not a disappearance or a departure, but a transition. Just as the sun and moon are not gone when they set, a person is not gone when they die. Their physical presence might not be visible, but their impact, their legacy, and perhaps their spirit, remain. This perspective reframes death not as a loss, but as a change, a shift in form or state of being.

In today’s world, this idea can be applied in many ways. In the face of grief and loss, it offers a comforting perspective, a way to remember and honor loved ones who have passed. It reminds us that though someone may not be physically present, their influence and the memories they created continue to exist and resonate.

In terms of personal development, this concept can be a powerful tool for dealing with fear and anxiety around mortality. It encourages us to see life and death as interconnected parts of a larger whole, rather than viewing death as a final, absolute end. This can help cultivate a sense of peace and acceptance around the inevitable.

Moreover, it also underscores the importance of the legacy we leave behind – the actions we take, the lives we touch, and the change we effect in the world. Just as the sun and moon continue to bring light even after they’ve set, so too can our actions continue to have an impact even after we’re gone. This can inspire us to live more intentionally, to consider the long-term effects of our actions, and to strive to make a positive difference in the world.

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