A Christianity that is in conflict with the Scriptures isn’t Christianity at all.

What did Randall Terry mean by:

A Christianity that is in conflict with the Scriptures isn’t Christianity at all.


This quote ‍emphasizes the importance of scriptures in defining Christianity. It suggests that any interpretation or expression of‍ Christianity that contradicts the teachings of the Bible cannot be considered‍ true Christianity. This is because the ⁣Bible ⁤is the primary‌ source of Christian doctrine, it’s where the ‌teachings, beliefs, and principles of Christianity ‌are derived from. ‍Thus, any version ⁤of Christianity that is inconsistent with these teachings is seen as unauthentic or ⁢false.

The quote also underscores the idea that Christianity is not just⁢ a label or a⁢ cultural identity, but a way of​ life that should be guided by the teachings ​of the scriptures. It implies⁢ a call for Christians to constantly ⁣check their beliefs and actions against the standard of the Bible, to​ ensure they are in line with its teachings.

In today’s world, this quote could be seen as⁣ a reminder to Christians⁣ to stay true to ​their faith amidst varying interpretations and⁣ adaptations of Christianity. With the rise of progressive movements⁣ and cultural shifts, ​there’s a tendency to reinterpret or modify religious teachings to fit⁣ modern sensibilities. While adaptation is not inherently ⁢bad, this quote warns against straying too far from ‌the original teachings⁤ of the Bible.

As for personal development, this quote could inspire individuals to constantly seek alignment between their beliefs, actions, and the‍ guiding principles of their faith. It encourages introspection and self-evaluation, prompting ​individuals to question whether their actions reflect their faith’s ‌teachings. It could also be a call to ​delve deeper into one’s faith, to ⁣study and understand the scriptures more, in order to ensure that one’s understanding‍ and practice‍ of ⁣Christianity is authentic and true to its‍ core teachings.

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