I’m ensconced in the soul … and I look around and everything is love.

What did Ram Dass mean by:

I’m ensconced in the soul … and I look around and everything is love.


“I’m ensconced in the soul … and I look around and everything is love” is a profound statement that speaks to the experience of self-realization and unity consciousness. To be “ensconced in the soul” signifies being deeply rooted in one’s spiritual essence, beyond the physical and mental constructs of the self. It is a state of being where one identifies not with the ego or individual self, but with the soul, which is considered eternal, divine, and interconnected with all of existence.

The second part of the quote, “and I look around and everything is love,” refers to the perception of reality from this state of soul consciousness. When one is rooted in the soul, they perceive the underlying essence of everything around them as love. This is not love in the romantic or sentimental sense, but a universal love that is the fundamental nature of existence. It is a love that transcends differences and divisions, recognizing the inherent divinity and interconnectedness in all beings and things.

In today’s world, where division, conflict, and ego-driven behaviors are prevalent, this idea can be applied in various ways for personal and collective development. On a personal level, it encourages individuals to shift their identification from the ego to the soul, leading to greater peace, compassion, and unity consciousness. It suggests that by cultivating a deep connection with our soul, we can perceive the world through the lens of love, transforming our relationships, decisions, and actions.

On a collective level, if more individuals strive to live from this state of consciousness, it could lead to more harmonious, compassionate, and understanding societies. It can foster a sense of global unity, where we recognize our shared humanity and interconnectedness, leading to more sustainable and equitable solutions to global issues.

In essence, this quote is a call to shift our perspective from ego to soul, from division to unity, and from fear to love. It is a reminder that love is not just an emotion, but a state of being and a way of perceiving the world.

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