The businessmen have corrupted liberty by trying to propose it as a material quality.

What did Philip Wylie mean by:

The businessmen have corrupted liberty by trying to propose it as a material quality.


This quote discusses the distortion of the concept of liberty by business interests. It suggests that liberty, which is inherently an abstract, philosophical concept related to individual freedom and autonomy, has been manipulated and commodified by businessmen. By proposing liberty as a “material quality,” they have essentially transformed it into a product that can be bought and sold. This corrupts the true essence of liberty because it reduces it to a transactional commodity, rather than a fundamental human right that everyone should inherently possess.

In the context of today’s world, this idea can be seen in the way certain corporations or industries might use the concept of freedom or liberty to sell their products or services. For example, a company might advertise its product as a way to ‘liberate’ consumers from some perceived constraint, thus commodifying the concept of liberty. This can also be seen in how some corporations use the guise of ‘economic freedom’ to justify practices that may be harmful to the environment or society.

In terms of personal development, it’s essential to understand that true freedom or liberty cannot be bought or sold. It’s about making choices that align with your values and beliefs, and not being unduly influenced by external forces. This means recognizing when the concept of liberty is being used as a marketing ploy and making conscious decisions based on what you believe is right or important. This can lead to a more authentic and fulfilling sense of freedom.

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