Malice scorned, puts out itself; but argued, give a kind of credit to a false accusation.

What did Philip Massinger mean by:

Malice scorned, puts out itself; but argued, give a kind of credit to a false accusation.


“Malice scorned, puts out itself; but argued, give a kind ‌of credit to a false‌ accusation” is ⁤a profound statement that delves into the nature of malice and how it ‌is best dealt with. ​The quote‍ suggests that if we ignore or scorn malice, it loses its power and⁣ fades away,⁢ but if we engage with it, we inadvertently give it credibility and ⁢strength.

The first part of the‌ quote, “Malice scorned, puts ‍out itself,” implies that malice, when disregarded or ‌belittled, ‍loses ‍its potency. It is like a flame that needs‍ fuel to keep burning. If you don’t feed it with your attention or reaction, it will eventually extinguish itself.

The second part, “but argued, give a kind ⁤of credit to a false accusation,”​ suggests that‍ if you engage with malice, especially in the form of false accusations, you inadvertently lend ⁣it some legitimacy. By arguing against it, you acknowledge ​its existence and create a platform ⁢for it⁣ to ⁢thrive. This can lead to the false accusation gaining ‍more attention and‍ possibly being believed by others.

This⁣ idea is‌ particularly relevant in today’s world of social⁣ media and instant communication. For ⁢instance, when a celebrity⁤ or‌ public figure is⁤ faced with false‌ accusations or malicious comments online, they often have ‍to⁢ decide whether to respond or ignore them. According to this quote, the best ⁢course of action might be to ⁤scorn ⁢or ignore the malice, as responding could ⁤give it unnecessary attention and⁢ credibility.

In terms of personal development, this ‌quote ‌can help guide how we deal with negativity or malice‍ in our lives. It suggests that we should not ⁤waste our energy engaging with malice or false accusations. Instead, we should focus on positive⁣ and productive actions, letting the negativity ​extinguish​ itself. This attitude can ​lead to a more peaceful and focused life.

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