Could we but think with the intensity we love with, we might do great things.

What did Philip James Bailey mean by:

Could we but think with the intensity we love with, we might do great things.


This quote suggests that if we put the same level of passion, intensity, and emotion that we invest in love into our thoughts, we could accomplish extraordinary things. Love is a powerful emotion that often consumes us, driving us to make sacrifices, take risks, and push beyond our comfort zones. If we could harness this same level of commitment and energy in our cognitive processes, we could potentially revolutionize our ability to solve problems, innovate, and achieve our goals.

The quote also implies that our thinking is often not as focused, dedicated, or intense as our feelings of love. It suggests that we often think passively, without the same level of engagement we put into our emotions. If we were to think with the same fervor we love with, we could potentially unlock a higher level of intellectual potential.

Applied to personal development, this quote might encourage us to approach our goals and challenges with the same passion and commitment that we might give to a loved one. It suggests that we might achieve more if we were as emotionally invested in our personal growth and success as we are in our relationships.

In today’s world, this idea could be interpreted as a call to action for more passionate, dedicated thinking in all areas of life. It could be a prompt to bring more emotion and intensity into our work, our creative pursuits, our problem-solving, and our intellectual endeavors. It suggests that if we can tap into the emotional energy we put into love and channel it into our thinking, we could potentially achieve great things. Whether it’s tackling climate change, addressing social inequality, or simply striving for personal success, thinking with the intensity we love with could be a powerful catalyst for change and achievement.

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