Big business always serve – directly or indirectly – the masses.

What did Ludwig von Mises mean by:

Big business always serve – directly or indirectly – the masses.


The quote "Big business always serves – directly or indirectly – the masses" implies that large corporations, regardless of their primary objectives or motives, inevitably contribute to the welfare of the general public. This can occur in a direct manner, such as by providing employment, products, or services that people need or want. Indirectly, big businesses might contribute to the economy through taxes, which can fund public services, or by driving innovation and competition, which can lead to better products and lower prices for consumers.

For instance, a large tech company might directly serve the masses by creating devices that enhance communication, entertainment, or productivity. Indirectly, they may contribute to the economy by providing high-paying jobs, paying taxes, and fostering technological advancement that can lead to new industries and opportunities.

Applying this idea to today’s world, we can see how big businesses like Amazon, Google, or Apple serve the masses. They provide products and services that millions of people use daily. They also employ thousands of people, pay taxes, and drive technological innovation. Even if their primary goal is profit, their operations inevitably lead to benefits for the general public.

In terms of personal development, this quote might suggest that by striving to create value at a large scale – like big businesses do – individuals can also serve the masses. This could be achieved by creating a popular product, building a successful company, or even by contributing to a large project or movement that benefits many people. The key is to think big and aim to create value that can benefit many people, rather than just oneself.

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