Motivation is fickle. It comes and goes.

What did Jocko Willink mean by:

Motivation is fickle. It comes and goes.


This quote, “Motivation is‌ fickle. It comes and goes,” refers to the ‌unpredictable and unstable ​nature of‍ motivation. ‌It suggests that motivation is not a constant force, but rather something that⁣ ebbs and flows, appearing in bursts and‌ then disappearing, often when we need it the ​most. In essence, we⁢ cannot rely solely on motivation‍ to drive our⁢ actions because⁤ it is inconsistent and unreliable.

This concept can⁣ be understood better when we consider motivation as⁣ a feeling, much like happiness or ⁢sadness. Just as we don’t always feel happy or sad, ‍we don’t always feel motivated. It’s a state of mind that can be influenced by various external and internal factors, such as⁤ our environment, physical state, emotional state,⁣ and even our thoughts.

Applying this idea⁣ to today’s world and personal development, it becomes clear that if we want to achieve our⁣ goals, we‌ cannot⁣ rely solely ‌on motivation. It’s ⁣easy to be motivated ​when things ⁤are going well, when we’re feeling good, and when we’re seeing progress. However, when we face challenges, when progress ‍is slow, or when we’re feeling down, motivation can​ quickly disappear.

This is why it’s crucial to develop discipline and habits, rather than relying solely on motivation. Discipline involves doing what needs to⁢ be done regardless ⁣of how we feel, and habits are actions‍ that we take regularly and ⁢automatically, without needing to feel motivated. By developing discipline ⁤and good habits, we can continue‍ to make progress towards⁢ our goals, even when motivation is lacking.

In the context of personal development,​ this could mean setting a regular schedule for activities that contribute to our goals, like exercising, studying, or practicing​ a skill, and sticking to this schedule ​regardless of ⁤whether we‍ feel motivated. It could ⁢also mean developing strategies ‌to manage our emotions and‍ thoughts so that‍ they don’t interfere with our actions.

In conclusion, ‍while motivation can be ‌a ⁣powerful force that drives us to take action, ‌it is also fickle‍ and unreliable. Therefore, if we want⁤ to achieve our goals and continue to grow and develop, we must learn to act not just when we feel ⁢motivated, but also when we don’t. This​ requires‌ developing discipline and good habits, which are much more reliable and consistent forces.

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