I believe, I desire, that social and economic ills may be remedied.

What did Jean-Paul Sartre mean by:

I believe, I desire, that social and economic ills may be remedied.


This quote, "I believe, I desire, that social and economic ills may be remedied," expresses a deep optimism and faith in the potential for societal and economic improvement. It reflects a conviction that, despite the existence of social and economic problems, solutions can be found and implemented to alleviate these ills. This is not a passive hope; it’s an active desire, indicating a personal commitment to be part of the solution.

The quote suggests that social and economic ills are not inevitable or unchangeable. They are conditions that can be addressed and improved. This perspective is rooted in the belief that society has the capacity to evolve and progress, and that individuals, communities, and institutions have the power to effect meaningful change.

Applying this idea to today’s world, it becomes a call to action for everyone to take responsibility for the social and economic issues we face. It encourages us to believe in our collective ability to bring about change, and to actively seek solutions to these problems. It could mean advocating for policy changes, supporting organizations that work to combat these issues, or using our own resources and skills to contribute to solutions.

In terms of personal development, this quote can be seen as a call to cultivate a growth mindset, to believe in our capacity to change and improve. It encourages us to not only be aware of our personal limitations and weaknesses, but also to actively work on overcoming them. It inspires us to strive for personal growth and improvement, and to believe in our potential to become better. The quote also underscores the importance of having a purpose or goal that extends beyond oneself – in this case, the betterment of society and economy. This can lead to a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

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