If you invite negativity in, you have to feed it and hang out with it. Best not to invite it in.

What did Erykah Badu mean by:

If you invite negativity in, you have to feed it and hang out with it. Best not to invite it in.


This quote is a metaphorical way of expressing the concept that our thoughts and emotions can be influenced by the type of energy we choose to entertain. In other words, if we allow negative thoughts or feelings to enter our minds, it’s like inviting an unwanted guest into our home. Once negativity is inside, we have to deal with it, nurture it and live with it. It can consume our time, energy, and mental space, just like a demanding houseguest would. Hence, the best strategy is not to invite negativity in the first place.

The analogy of feeding and hanging out with negativity suggests that it can grow and thrive if given attention. If we focus on negative thoughts, they can become bigger and more powerful, affecting our mood, actions, and overall outlook on life.

Applying this idea to today’s world, we can see how easy it is to invite negativity in. With constant exposure to negative news, social media comparisons, and everyday stressors, it can feel like negativity is knocking on our door constantly. However, we have the choice not to let it in. We can choose to focus on positive thoughts and experiences, practice gratitude, and cultivate a positive mindset.

In terms of personal development, this quote suggests that we have control over our own thoughts and emotions. By consciously choosing not to entertain negativity, we can focus on personal growth, positivity, and well-being. This might involve setting boundaries, such as limiting exposure to negative influences, practicing mindfulness, or seeking professional help when needed. Ultimately, the quote encourages us to be mindful of the energy we allow into our mental and emotional space, recognizing that it can significantly impact our personal development and overall quality of life.

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