We live in a media world simultaneously obsessed with technology and personality.

What did Eric Alterman mean by:

We live in a media world simultaneously obsessed with technology and personality.


This quote encapsulates⁢ the current state of our society, where ⁣technology and personality coexist in an intense, often obsessive relationship. On‌ one hand, we are fascinated by the⁣ rapid advancement​ of technology, with new gadgets, applications, and digital platforms emerging ⁣almost daily. On‍ the other hand, we are equally engrossed in the world ⁢of personalities ⁣– celebrities, ⁣influencers, politicians, and even our own personal brand.

The obsession with ⁢technology ⁣is⁢ evident in the constant demand for⁢ the latest devices, the‌ newest updates, ​and the⁢ most innovative apps. Technology has become a driving ⁣force⁢ in⁢ our lives, influencing how we communicate, work, learn, and entertain ourselves.

Simultaneously, we are also obsessed with personalities.⁣ The⁢ rise ‍of social media has created a culture where personal branding‌ is highly valued. People are‌ constantly curating their online personas, and celebrities and influencers are ‍followed, liked,⁢ and shared more than ever. Personalities have ​become a form⁢ of commodity in the digital age, where a person’s influence⁤ and popularity can be monetized.

In today’s​ world, this dual obsession ⁤with technology and personality is ⁣evident in ‌how ⁤social media platforms operate. They are technological tools that facilitate ​the sharing and promotion of personalities. For example, Instagram is a platform that combines high-tech image ‍sharing technology with the promotion of personal brands,‌ whether they are celebrities, influencers, or everyday individuals.

In terms of personal development, understanding this obsession can be useful. ‌On one hand,⁣ being tech-savvy is increasingly important in the modern world. On the other hand, developing a strong, authentic personal‍ brand can open doors and create opportunities.⁣ Balancing‍ these ⁢two aspects – harnessing the power of technology ‌while also‍ cultivating ⁣a⁣ compelling personality – can lead to personal and professional growth.

However, ‍it’s important to remember that while​ technology and personal branding can‌ be powerful ​tools,⁤ they should not dominate our lives or define​ our worth. It’s essential‌ to maintain a healthy relationship with technology ‌and ‌to remember that while personal branding ‍can be beneficial, it’s our⁢ real-life actions⁤ and character that truly matter.

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