The key is to keep company only with people who uplift you, whose presence calls forth your best.

What did Epictetus mean by:

The key is to keep company only with people who uplift you, whose presence calls forth your best.


This quote emphasizes the importance of surrounding oneself with positive influences. It suggests that the company we keep can significantly impact our personal growth, attitude, and overall well-being. The people we associate with can either uplift us, inspiring us to bring out our best qualities, or they can bring us down, inhibiting our potential.

The ‘key’ mentioned in the quote symbolizes the solution or strategy to personal development and happiness. It implies that one of the most effective ways to become the best version of ourselves is to carefully choose the people we spend our time with. Those who uplift us are individuals who encourage us, believe in our abilities, and challenge us to grow. They radiate positivity, inspire us, and help us to see things from different perspectives. Conversely, their presence ‘calls forth our best’, meaning it brings out our finest qualities and encourages us to strive for excellence.

In today’s world, this concept is particularly relevant. Our lives are often filled with stress and negativity, coming from various sources such as social media, news, and sometimes, unfortunately, from the people around us. It’s easy to become influenced by this negativity, which can lead to decreased self-esteem, anxiety, and a pessimistic outlook on life. Therefore, it’s crucial to surround ourselves with positive influences who can help counteract these negative effects and encourage us to maintain a positive mindset.

In terms of personal development, this quote provides a valuable strategy. By surrounding ourselves with people who inspire us and encourage us to grow, we can more easily achieve our personal goals and become the people we aspire to be. This could mean seeking out mentors who have achieved what we hope to, forming friendships with people who share our aspirations, or simply distancing ourselves from those who discourage us or bring negativity into our lives.

In conclusion, the people we surround ourselves with can significantly influence our mindset, attitude, and overall personal growth. By choosing to spend time with those who uplift us and bring out our best, we can foster a positive environment conducive to personal development and happiness.

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