The root of all difficulties is a lack of the sense of the Presence of God.

What did Emmet Fox mean by:

The root of all difficulties is a lack of the sense of the Presence of God.


The quote, “The root⁤ of ‍all difficulties ‌is ⁤a lack of the sense of the ‌Presence of God,” suggests that most problems we encounter in life stem ‍from an ⁣inability to recognize or feel the presence of a higher⁤ power or divine guidance in our lives. This doesn’t necessarily pertain only to religious or spiritual contexts, but broadly implies a disconnection from a deeper source of wisdom, love, or guidance that can be termed⁤ as ‘God’.

In essence, this quote is hinting at the idea that ⁣when we ‌lose touch with this sense of the divine, we may⁤ feel lost, ‍disconnected, or overwhelmed by the challenges we face. This could manifest in ‍various forms such as anxiety, stress, confusion, or a sense of aimlessness. However, when we are‌ connected to this ‍higher source, we may feel guided, loved, ⁢and supported, which can help us navigate our difficulties with greater‍ ease and clarity.

In a modern context, this idea could be applied not just in a religious​ or spiritual sense, but‍ also in the realm of personal development. For instance, many people today experience stress or burnout due to a lack of purpose or direction ⁢in their lives. This could be seen as a result of losing touch with⁤ their ‘inner compass’ or their deeper sense of self, which could be equated to⁢ the ‘Presence of God’ in this context.

Reconnecting with this deeper aspect of oneself, ⁢whether through meditation, mindfulness, self-reflection, or other forms of spiritual ‍practice, could help individuals ​regain a sense ​of purpose and direction. This could help alleviate stress, promote ‌mental well-being, and ultimately⁤ lead to​ more fulfilling and meaningful lives.

Moreover, this idea also resonates with the concept of ‘conscious living’, which is becoming increasingly popular today. This involves being fully present and aware in each moment, and recognizing that we are part of⁣ something larger than ourselves. By cultivating this sense of the ‘Presence of God’, we ​may be able to ‍live more consciously, make more mindful decisions, and ⁤ultimately overcome the difficulties we face in life.

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