To be alive──is Power.

What did Emily Dickinson mean by:

To be alive──is Power.


“To be alive – is Power” is a profound statement that suggests the very essence of being alive equates to possessing power. In its simplest form, it means that life itself is a form of power. This power can be understood in several ways, such as the ability to influence, to act, to change, and to exist.

One can interpret this quote as a recognition of the inherent potential every living being possesses. The power of life is not just about physical strength or intellectual capacity, but also about the ability to experience, to feel, to perceive, and to conceive. It’s about the ability to dream, to hope, to strive, and to achieve.

This power is not just about survival, but about the ability to thrive, to grow, and to evolve. It’s about the ability to love, to care, to empathize, and to connect. It’s about the ability to create, to innovate, to discover, and to explore. It’s about the ability to learn, to understand, to adapt, and to overcome.

In today’s world, this idea is more relevant than ever. We are living in a time of unprecedented change and uncertainty, where the old rules no longer apply and the future is uncertain. Yet, the power of being alive gives us the ability to navigate through these challenges, to adapt and evolve, to innovate and create, and to shape our own destiny.

In terms of personal development, this quote is a reminder that we have the power to shape our own lives. It’s not about what life throws at us, but about how we respond to it. It’s about not just surviving, but thriving. It’s about not just living, but growing, evolving, and becoming the best version of ourselves.

So, “to be alive – is Power” is not just a statement, but a call to action. It’s a call to embrace the power of life, to unleash our potential, to live fully and authentically, to strive for our dreams and aspirations, and to make a difference in the world. It’s a call to not just exist, but to truly live.

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