A middle class is so important to a society that its value cannot be overestimated.

What did Eliot Engel mean by:

A middle class is so important to a society that its value cannot be overestimated.


This quote emphasizes the indispensable role that the middle class plays in society. The middle class is considered the backbone of any economy because it is the largest consumer group, driving demand for goods and services. The middle class also tends to be the most politically active group, which can help to maintain stability and balance in a society.

The value of a strong middle class goes beyond economic benefits. It also contributes to social stability and progress. The middle class is often seen as a buffer between the rich and the poor, reducing social tensions by reducing income inequality. They are often the most educated segment of the population and therefore more likely to demand and uphold democratic values and institutions.

In today’s world, the importance of the middle class is becoming increasingly apparent. With rising income inequality, there is a growing concern about the shrinking middle class. A strong and stable middle class is crucial for sustainable economic growth and social stability. It is also vital for promoting innovation and entrepreneurship, which are key drivers of economic growth in the 21st century.

On a personal development level, striving to be part of the middle class can mean pursuing education and skills that can lead to stable and well-paying jobs. It can also mean adopting values that contribute to social stability and progress, such as respect for democratic institutions and the rule of law.

Therefore, the quote underscores the importance of policies and initiatives that support the growth and stability of the middle class. This can include policies that promote education and skills development, create quality jobs, and reduce income inequality.

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