What people really believe doesn’t feel like a BELIEF, it feels like the way the world IS.

What did Eliezer Yudkowsky mean by:

What people really believe doesn’t feel like a BELIEF, it feels like the way the world IS.


This quote essentially encapsulates the idea that our beliefs are so ingrained in us that they don’t feel like separate entities or concepts, but rather, they form our perception of reality. When we strongly believe in something, it becomes our truth and shapes our understanding of the world. This is not just about religious or philosophical beliefs, but also about our perceptions of ourselves, others, and the events that occur in our lives.

For instance, if someone believes they are not good at math, this belief doesn’t feel like a mere opinion to them. Instead, it’s their reality. They perceive math as a difficult subject and themselves as incapable of understanding it, which can affect their performance and attitude towards learning math.

In the context of today’s world, this concept is particularly relevant when it comes to social, political, or cultural beliefs. For example, people’s perceptions about different races, religions, or political ideologies are often deeply rooted and feel like objective truths rather than subjective beliefs. This can lead to prejudice, discrimination, and conflict, as people struggle to understand perspectives that differ from their own perceived reality.

In terms of personal development, understanding this concept can be transformative. It helps us realize that our beliefs are not fixed truths, but rather, they are malleable and can be changed. If we believe we cannot achieve something, that becomes our reality. But if we challenge this belief and replace it with a more empowering one, our perception of reality changes, and so does our behavior and potential for success. Therefore, by becoming aware of our beliefs and questioning them, we can reshape our reality and enhance our personal growth.

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