We all have family dysfunction. It’s why we’re successful, to fill that hole.

What did Eli Attie mean by:

We all have family dysfunction. It’s why we’re successful, to fill that hole.


This quote suggests that family dysfunction, or ​the challenges ⁣and problems we face in our familial relationships, ‌is a driving force ‍behind our success. The dysfunction creates a void or a “hole” within us that we strive to ⁢fill.⁣ This ​could be a ⁢need for ⁤validation, love, acceptance, or a sense of belonging that wasn’t fully met​ in our family environment. The pursuit to ‍fill this void can propel us towards success, ​as it often drives us to work ⁤harder,‍ strive for more, and⁤ push ourselves beyond our comfort zones.

The “hole” can be seen as a metaphor for our unmet needs ⁣or unresolved‍ issues. It’s a space that⁤ we constantly​ try to fill‌ with achievements, success,⁤ or validation⁣ from others. The more we try to fill ‌this hole, the more⁤ we push ourselves towards success.

In the context of personal development, this idea suggests that our past experiences, particularly those within our family, significantly influence our motivations and aspirations. It implies that ⁣our struggles can be our⁤ greatest motivators. Instead ⁣of being​ hindered by⁣ our past, we ​can use it as fuel to drive‍ us ‌forward. This perspective encourages‍ us to view our‌ challenges not as setbacks, but⁤ as catalysts for growth and success.

In today’s world, this idea is ⁢especially relevant as people are becoming more open about their ‌personal struggles and how these have shaped‌ their ‍journeys. Many successful individuals, from entrepreneurs to celebrities, openly attribute their drive and determination to their challenging backgrounds or difficult family dynamics. They’ve used these experiences as ⁢motivation to create better lives for themselves and often, for others who ‍may be⁤ in⁢ similar situations.

However, ⁣it’s important to note that while this “hole” can drive us to⁢ success, it ​should not be ​the sole reason for our ⁣pursuit of success. It’s ‌equally important to strive for‌ personal fulfillment and happiness,⁢ not just to fill ‌a⁤ void left by past experiences. ​Personal development should be about becoming the best version of ourselves, not just‌ about compensating for what we lacked ‌in the past.

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