My experience has been that work is almost the best way to pull oneself out of the depths.

What did Eleanor Roosevelt mean by:

My experience has been that work is almost the best way to pull oneself out of the depths.


This quote emphasizes the therapeutic and transformative power of work. It suggests that when one is in a state of despair or facing difficulties, engaging in work can serve as a practical and effective method to overcome such adversities. The act of working not only provides a distraction from the issues at hand but also offers a sense of purpose and achievement, which can uplift one’s spirit and improve their mental state.

Work, in this context, doesn’t necessarily mean professional or paid work. It could refer to any task or activity that requires effort and dedication – be it painting, gardening, writing, or volunteering. The key is to immerse oneself in a productive activity that can shift the focus away from the problems and towards a goal or an accomplishment.

In today’s world, this idea is particularly relevant, given the high levels of stress, anxiety, and depression people often experience. Engaging in meaningful work can provide a sense of control and self-efficacy, which are crucial for mental health and well-being. It can help individuals build resilience, develop new skills, and gain a fresh perspective on their situation.

In terms of personal development, this concept encourages the cultivation of a strong work ethic and resilience. It promotes the idea of turning challenges into opportunities for growth and learning. It suggests that instead of succumbing to hardships, one should channel their energy into productive endeavors, which can lead to personal growth and a sense of fulfillment. This can be a powerful tool for self-improvement and can help individuals become more resilient and adaptable in the face of adversity.

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