Writing, to be memorable, must be done in a state of impassioned serenity.

What did Edna Ferber mean by:

Writing, to be memorable, must be done in a state of impassioned serenity.


The ​quote “Writing,⁣ to be memorable,‍ must be done in a⁤ state of impassioned serenity” suggests a paradoxical blend of ⁢emotion and‌ calmness that should be present in the process of writing. ⁤The term “impassioned serenity” is an oxymoron that conveys‌ the idea of‌ a tranquil⁣ passion, implying that writing should⁢ be ⁣a process that is fueled by intense emotion, yet carried out⁢ with a peaceful mind.

The⁢ “impassioned” part of the quote refers to the ⁤emotional investment​ that a writer should have in their work. It implies that the best writing comes from a place of ‌deep emotional involvement, where the writer feels strongly about the subject matter. This passion is ⁢what drives ‌the narrative, giving it life and making it resonate with readers.

The “serenity” part, on the other hand, suggests a state‍ of calm and composed mindfulness. It means that while there should be a fire‌ of passion burning within the ⁢writer, the act of writing itself should be carried out⁤ with a tranquil mind. This calmness allows the‍ writer to channel their ⁢passion effectively, giving ​their words clarity, coherence, and power.

In today’s fast-paced world, this quote could ‍be interpreted as a ‌call to slow down and connect deeply with one’s ‍work. With the rise of digital media and the constant demand for new content, there’s a tendency to rush through the writing process. However,‌ the quote suggests that memorable writing can’t be ⁣rushed. ​It requires ‍a state of “impassioned serenity” where​ one is deeply connected with their emotions,‍ yet maintains a calm and clear mind.

In terms of personal development, this quote could be applied‍ to any creative endeavor or task that requires deep thought and ⁤concentration. It suggests that to produce high-quality work, ⁣one needs to be emotionally invested, yet maintain a state of calm focus. It’s about finding a balance between ⁤passion and serenity, allowing one ‌to channel ⁤their energy effectively and produce ​work⁣ that is not only memorable but ‍also meaningful.

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