who pays any attention to the syntax of things will never wholly kiss you

What did e. e. cummings mean by:

who pays any attention to the syntax of things will never wholly kiss you


“Who pays any attention‌ to the ⁣syntax ⁤of things‌ will never wholly kiss you” is a poetic way of saying that if someone is⁢ overly focused on rules, structure, and the “correct” way of ‍doing things, they may miss out ‌on⁢ the full experience of life and relationships. Syntax refers to the⁣ arrangement of words and phrases to create ​well-formed sentences. In this‌ context, cummings is using it metaphorically to represent a rigid⁣ adherence ‌to rules ‌or a ‍preconceived order.

The ⁢phrase ⁢”will never ⁤wholly kiss you” implies a lack of complete presence and engagement. A “whole” kiss, in this case, is⁤ a metaphor for fully⁣ experiencing and engaging with life or‍ another person without ⁤being distracted by the need to ⁤analyze, categorize, or judge.

Applying ⁣this idea to today’s world, one might argue that we often get caught up in the “syntax” of life. We are constantly bombarded with‌ societal rules, expectations, and⁤ norms that ⁣dictate ‍how we should act, think, and feel. This overemphasis‍ on structure‍ can​ prevent us from fully experiencing and appreciating the present moment. ⁢

In terms of personal development, this quote could be viewed as ⁤a call to ‍be more mindful‍ and present in our lives. It encourages us to let go⁤ of rigid rules and ​expectations‍ that may limit our experiences‍ and relationships. ​It suggests that ⁣by focusing less on the “syntax” and more ‌on⁢ the experience⁤ itself, we can live more fully and authentically.

In ‌conclusion, cummings’ quote serves as a reminder that life isn’t just ‌about following rules and‍ structures. It’s‌ about ⁢being present, embracing⁤ experiences⁣ as they come, and⁣ engaging fully with the⁢ world and people around ⁢us.

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