The key to economic prosperity is the organized creation of dissatisfaction.

What did Charles Kettering mean by:

The key to economic prosperity is the organized creation of dissatisfaction.


The key to economic prosperity is the organized creation of dissatisfaction" is a quote that emphasizes the role of demand and innovation in driving economic growth. In simple terms, it suggests that economic prosperity is not necessarily about satisfying all existing needs, but about continually creating new needs or wants (dissatisfaction) that stimulate demand for new products, services, and technologies.

The organized creation of dissatisfaction refers to the systematic and strategic process of making people realize that they need more or better than what they currently have. This could be achieved through advertising, innovation, or by enhancing the quality and features of existing products. Once people are dissatisfied with what they have, they seek to acquire what they perceive as better, thereby driving sales and stimulating economic activity.

In today’s world, this concept is continually applied. For instance, in the tech industry, companies like Apple and Samsung regularly release new versions of their products, with upgraded features and improved performance. This creates dissatisfaction among consumers with older models, prompting them to buy the latest products. This cycle of creating and satisfying dissatisfaction drives these companies’ revenues and contributes to economic growth.

In terms of personal development, this principle can be applied by continually setting higher goals once previous ones have been achieved. This self-induced dissatisfaction with current achievements can motivate individuals to learn more, work harder, and strive for better, leading to personal growth and development. For example, after finishing a 5k run, one might aim to complete a 10k run, then a half marathon, and so on. This constant state of dissatisfaction with current accomplishments can lead to continuous improvement and personal development.

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